Throwing game with bags

Cornhole is an extremely popular game of throwing bags. The rules of the game become clear in no time and you can then have fun with this game for hours. You can get everything you need in the Wicked Wood Games web shop. The throwing game comes with 8 bags and two boards, each with a hole in which the bags have to be thrown.

How this throwing game with bags works

Of course, there are various throwing games for outside. However, unlike other throwing games, cornhole does not require any special surface. You can play it practically anywhere, such as in the park or on a meadow. The distance between cornhole boards should normally be 8 meters. But of course the distance can also be a little shorter if, for example, you want to play in a small garden, there are a lot of newbies joining in or children want to try out this outdoor throwing game. After all, one of the advantages of this game is that everyone can join in!

Would you like to buy a personalized throwing game with bags tailored to your taste?

At Wicked Wood Games you can buy a complete cornhole set including a practical bag. For example, you can buy a tossing game set with bags depicting the American flag. After all, this sport originated in the USA. Maybe that's why it has a certain flair that more traditional outdoor throwing games with European roots don't necessarily have to this extent. You can also buy the throwing game with bags that have been designed according to your personal preference. For example, you can have your company's logo printed on it and you have a beautiful, personalized throwing game as a promotional gift that encourages outdoor activity.

Choose one of the most beautiful outdoor throwing games

Can't wait to show off your cornhole skills? Call us on +316 13533189 or simply buy the throwing game with 8 bags in our webshop. You can choose one of our motifs or have your own cornhole design professionally implemented. With this purchase you are choosing one of the most beautiful and uncomplicated outdoor throwing games, whose following is growing for good reason! We also offer great mini cornhole sets.

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2x4 Cornhole Bags - America - Granulaat vulling 2x4 Cornhole Bags - America - Granulaat vulling

2x4 Cornhole Bags - America - Granulaat vulling

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